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The viva viagem card comes in two colours! Suitable for non-frequent users, it can be topped up with tickets and money (pay as you go 'zapping' credit) and tickets. Both green and white viva viagem cards have exactly the same functions, but cover different transport operators. The green viva viagem card can be used in all member operators Das Ticket viva viagem / 7 Colinas ist ein elektronisches, wieder aufladbares Ticket für Fahrgäste, die nur wenige Tage oder Wochen im Jahr Transportmittel nutzen und das für die Entwertung kontaktlos an den Sensor des Entwertungsautomaten an Schranke oder Eingang des jeweiligen Transportmittels gehalten wird A Viva Viagem card is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on public transport in Lisbon. You can use it to travel on metro, bus, tram, funicular, ferry and suburban train. What is Viva Viagem? Viva Viagem is a card with an embedded chip The Viva Viagem card is a rechargeable electronic card that can be used on Lisbon's metro, buses (except the AeroBus to and from Lisbon Airport), ferries, trams and urban trains to and from Sintra and Cascais. The Viva Viagem card costs 0.50 cents and is valid for one year from the date of purchase The 7 Colinas and Viva Viagem cards are rechargeable magnetic travel cards and the cheapest way to get around Lisbon. 7 Colinas travel card The 7 Colinas and Viva Viagem cards costs €0.50 and is valid for one year, so don't lose it if you're planning on going back to Lisbon that same year

Reusable cards - Viva Viagem The reusable Viva Viagem card containing contactless technology, that allows access to various operators in the Lisbon Metropolitan area. The card can be topped up with single tickets and multiple tickets from each operator. CP Services: Lisbon urban train Viva viagem is the ideal card for occasional users of public transport, as it may be topped up with tickets or money (pay as you go 'zapping' credit). This card is not valid on Metro Transportes do Sul Karten VIVA Viagem/7 Colinas. An Fahrkartenschaltern und -automaten der teilnehmenden Anbieter, Verkaufsstellen Mob, Verkaufsagenten payshop und Postämtern (CTT). Karten Lisboa VIVA. Zusätzlich zu den oben genannten Verkaufsstellen für die Karten VIVA Viagem/7 Colinas im Portal VIVA, Multibanco (Geldautomaten) und Verkaufsstellen der Ladenkette Pagaqui. Nutzungsbedingungen. Der Tarifbetrag. Viva Viagem Card Lisbon Metro Ticket,Viva Viagem Card: Use it on Metro, Bus, Tram, Ferry & Trainyou can buy on the metro automatic machines. If you arrived i..

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Also, there are different 24hrs tariffs to include trains and ferries. For bus, metro and tram the 24hrs ticket costs €6,30 with ferries added it is €9.35 and trains €10.40. The Via Viagem card itself costs 50 cents. 3 Die Viva Viagem Card benötigen Sie im gesamten öffentlichen Nahverkehr in Lissabon samt Vororten, einschließlich der Pendlerfähren und der Züge nach Sintra und Cascais. Alle Tickets, die Sie auf diese Karte laden, sind zwölf Monate gültig. Es gibt jedoch eine Einschränkung: Auf der Karte lässt sich immer nur eine Ticketart speichern, also beispielsweise Einzeltickets für die U-Bahn. Answer 1 of 35: For people like me who seem to be rather thick on figuring this card out, is there a logo of the viva Viagem everywhere that it can be used? By using the zapping method which I believe is the same as keeping the card loaded, can we simply keep.. A Viva Viagem card is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on public transport in Lisbon. You can use a Viva Viagem card to get to attractions on public transport but not as a pass to actually visit attractions. For that, you will need a Lisboa Card, which also includes free public transport

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I agree with buying a viva viagem card and loading it using the zapping option and not the 24 hour flat rate. The card can then be used for up to a year as long as you keep putting money on it. You can reload at a machine at the train or metro stations. I use the zapping option and was able to save my card from May 2017 and use it again with whatever credit was left, in February of 2018. I had. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Answer 1 of 21: My family and I will be home based on Lisbon city centre for our 5 days in Lisbon. We will be totally dependent on public transportation. We plan to visit Sintra on one day and possibly Cascais on a second day utilizing train system. The other.. Frage Lissabon, ÖPNV, Nutzung von Viva Viagem / 7 colinas Karte. Dieses Thema im Forum Urlaub in Portugal wurde erstellt von snoopy-hpp, 16 April 2019. Schlagworte: lissabon; öpnv; snoopy-hpp Amigo Teilnehmer. Registriert seit: 3 März 2013 Beiträge: 10 Zustimmungen: 0 Punkte für Erfolge: 1. Hallo Portugalfreunde u. -experten. Nach langer Zeit will ich mal wieder nach Lissabon, und nach. The Viva Viagem card which allows 24 hours travel for 6 Euro looks to be good value but I would appreciate details of how to use it. Having purchased the card & loaded it with say 20 Euro do I need to validate a daily ticket on each day of use? Is the validation automatic when I make the first journey in each 24 hour period & if not what action do I need to take? Can the purchase be made with.

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  1. Reusable cards - Lisboa Viva Reusable cards - Viva Viagem. Comboios Urbanos do Porto 4_18 and SUB23 passes Andante card advantages CP Card CP Youth pass Map Occasional journeys Oporto urban trains Oporto urban train passes Oporto urban train surcharges Pass card advantages Passe Social + advantages Siga Card occasional journeys Zones and Prices. Comboios Urbanos de Coimbra 4_18 and SUB23.
  2. Answer 1 of 10: Hi. I have read about the Viva Viagem Card and will likely pick one up for me and the family when we get to Lisbon. But here are my questions: 1. Zapping just means you preload the card with a fixed amount, correct? And if you do that, the..
  3. Answer 1 of 9: Hello I have read lots of posts on this forum re the Viva Viagem card and just want to make sure I understand it. We are spending five days in Lisbon in a couple of weeks time. Our hotel is next to Olaias metro station so we are not in the..
  4. Jul 2, 2019 - The Viva Viagem card is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on public transport in Lisbon. You can use a Viva Viagem card to travel on metro, bus, tram, ferry and urban train
  5. 3) If you have more than one Viva Viagem Card in hand, it'd be better you make a mark on them so you know which is which. 4) Besides the ticket sales offices at metro and train stations (only some bigger stations have ticket sales offices), you can actually buy a Viva Viagem Card and add values onto it easily on any blue automated ticket machines that are located at every station
  6. Lisboa Viva Viagem (Zapping Card) mit Guthaben zum verschenken. Gespeichert von BoaVista am So., 24. März 2019 - 02:27. Ich schenke zwei Via Vivagem Cards für Lissabon. Beide Karten sind noch ca. ein Jahr gültig. Auf einer von Karten gibt es noch 3-4 € Guthaben. Diese Karten gelten in. Metro; Bus; Straßenbahn; Tram ; Fähre; Regional Bahn; Aufzüge / Elevator Art der Anzeige. Ich.

Ask › Category: Lisbon › Where to Viva Viagem card on arrival? 0 Vote Up Vote Down Stacy asked 3 years ago where is the most convenient point to get a Viva card on international arrival? Go to the train station? (I am taking taxi to hotel first but may use it later in the [ The Viva Viagem card costs 0.50 cents and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.. You can buy a store up value of as low as €3 to as high as €40 on your Viva Viagem card I am still not sure with the way of loading tickets on the viva viagem-card. It is only valid for one person on each journey. You can reload at a machine at the train or metro stations Answer 1 of 3: I am. Sep 15, 2017 - The Viva Viagem card is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on public transport in Lisbon. You can use a Viva Viagem card to travel on metro, bus, tram, ferry and urban train Hi can someone please advise me if this is the best card to use. we are planning on using the 24 hour option for metro and trams and any problems using or buying one. thanks in advance fran If your Lisboa VIVA card is lost or stolen, your Zapping balance can be transferred to another card (Lisboa VIVA or VIVA Viagem) under the conditions set for this purpose. If your VIVA Viagem/7 Colinas card stops working, your Zapping balance may be transferred to another card. If your Zapping balance cannot be read on the faulty card, the transfer can only be made after 5 business days have.

The 24 hour card is automatically issued on the Viva Viagem ticket. Viva Viagem is the brand name for the ticket system used in the city. The 24 hour card covers metro, trams and buses in the city centre. It does NOT include the trains to Sintra and Cascais. You need one each. You tap the card reader once when boarding tram or bus. On the metro. For many (maybe all?) journeys, the only way to enter and pay for the journey as a vistor was using a Viva Viagem card, purchased from either a ticket office or (more likley) a ticket machine. This card could be charged with either single-journey tickets, credit, or day passes. For my first charging with credit, at the end, all credit was used up and on recharging the ticket, any of these. Answer 1 of 6: I've been researching the various types of cards to use while in lisbon. 4 of us will be in lisbon for 8 days 7 nights During this time we plan on visiting : Caiscas Sintra Fatima Belem We are not sure what days it will be on.. Answer 1 of 5: Am planning to use local transportation (tram,metro, and hop-on/hop-off busses) to see the various attractions around Lisbon. Is buying a daily Viva Viagem card a better option than purchasing daily individual passes for trams, metro and busses

is there a machine that sells viva viagem cards at the bus stop - No. You can not get the VivaViagem card without a ticket loaded on it, so if you go to the metro machine you have to immediately choose which ticket you want. For instance if you choose 1 single ticket 1,50€ it will be Valid for unlimited journeys on Carris (bus) and Metro networks, during 60 minutes following the first. The Lisboa VIVA card is a personal and non-transferable electronic card accepted by all Transport Operators in the Lisbon Region. It can only be used by the Cardholder. It allows passes to be loaded, as well as zapping options and pay as you go, with VIVA Go (associated with your bank account). You can load up to 4 different tickets on a single card. These can be passes and/or zapping cards. Answer 1 of 4: I arrived today at 5:30 AM at the Lisbon airport and promptly bought a new Viva Viagem card with the $6.80 option, used it once to take the metro into the city and now realize it's only good for 24 hrs. I can't ride enough metros, buses, etc. to use.. Feb 27, 2018 - From the old city of Braga in the north to relaxed beach town of Tavira in the Algarve, these are the best places to visit in Portugal Loading services into Viva Viagem Card

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  1. Viva Viagem-Karten und Zapping mit zwei teilweise nicht kompatiblen Systemen. Leider machen es die Lissabonner Verkehrsbetriebe dem Besucher durch komplizierte Regelungen immer wieder unnötig schwer. Neuester Wahnsinn: Es gibt nun zwei Typen Viva Viagem Karten: - weißer Hintergrund, grüne Schrift: diese werden nun bei Carris, Metro, Transtejo und CP verkauft und funktionieren auch nur da.
  2. Sie funktionieren nicht mit der Viva Viagem Karte, sondern mit der Lisboa Viva Karte. Die meisten Pässe erlauben unbegrenzte Fahrten für einen Monat, aber die Reichweite und die Verkehrsmittel, die genutzt werden können, hängen vom gekauften Ticket ab. Einige erlauben unbegrenzte Fahrten ausschließlich mit U-Bahnen und Carris-Bussen, während andere einige Verbindungen zu CP-Zügen.
  3. Some machines in the metro stations have the option to put credit on your Viva Viagem ticket using a credit card slot. MultiBanco is written on the slot where you need to insert the credit card. Will it accept any other credit card, or just MultiBanco? trains payment-cards lisbon. Share. Improve this question . Follow edited Jul 7 '17 at 17:23. Giorgio. 34.2k 14 14 gold badges 73 73 silver.
  4. Eine Einzelfahrkarte für die U-Bahn vom Flughafen zum Estação do Oriente kostet 1,45 € und wird von Ihrer Viva Viagem-Karte abgebucht. Die Fahrt zwischen dem Flughafen und dem Bahnhof Oriente dauert nur kurz (3 Zwischenhalte; 2,5 km). Daher können Sie getrost auf ein Taxi verzichten, welches viel teurer als die Fahrt mit der U-Bahn ist (7 - 10 €). Ähnliche Artikel: Weiterreise vom.
  5. Answer 1 of 10: Hi, I can't find information for travel to areas outside Lisbon other than Sintra. Does the Green Viva Viagem card work on trains to Setubal? Thanks
  6. PORTUGAL - Leaving Porto | Arriving in Lisbon - Apartment Tour, Bus, Buying Viva Viagem Card. December 25, 2020; Portugal; Portugal; NOVEMBER 2020 - After a wonderful 15 days in Porto, it was time to head south to the capital and finally see why everyone loves Lisbon! This is the first of a number of Lisbon vlogs we spent 10 days in this amazing city, which is actually short for us.
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Nov 21, 2018 - I take flight from Paris to Lisbon. through journey I observed clouds passing with me. Happy to observe Bay of biscay from the top. Felt happy. In Airport I get free map from travel information Center. I buy pass called viva viagem card 0.50€. I recharge that card for 24 hrs travel they take 6€ [ Alle 6 bis 9 Minuten zwischen 06:30 Uhr und 01:00 Uhr fährt eine Metro von und zum Flughafen ab. Wenn Sie von der Metro Gebrauch machen wollen, müssen Sie sich eine Viva Viagem oder 7 Colinas Karte zum Preis von 0,50 € anschaffen. Diese elektronischen Karten können Sie dann mit Guthaben aufladen. Hierdurch kostet eine Fahrt mit der Metro von Lissabon Airport zu egal welcher Metrostation. Viva Viagens, Bauru. 16,944 likes · 6 talking about this. A Viva Operadora e Agência de Viagens é uma empresa que trabalha com uma proposta diferenciada no mercado: Atendimento personalizado ao cliente

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A Day Trip to Cascais: The Best Beach Escape from Lisbon3 Days in Lisbon: Complete Itinerary for First-TimersWhere to Stay in Lisbon - Best Hotels and NeighbourhoodsHow to get from Lisbon Airport to city centre? Bus, metro
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