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Abholung im Markt oder Lieferung nach Hause. Riesenauswahl an Marken-Technik bei SATURN! Riesige Auswahl an Marken und Produkten. Bequem im Online-Shop entdecken & bestellen ASUS® Laptops günstig @NBB.com bestellen! Jede Woche neue Angebote. 24-Stunden-Express Lieferung, 0% Finanzierung möglich hello guys in this video I tell you how to control the speed of fans of asus laptops by using armour crates..After seeing this video you can easily regulate.. Overall, ASUS Fan Xpert is a great tool to have installed if you're looking for a way to control the physical fan on your PC and provides all of the information and diagnostics to find a good balance while protecting your system. Features and highlights. Controls fan speed on Republic of Gamers systems; Can select between different fans installe In Kernel 5.6 there is a fan mode for asus laptops, check if you have /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/throttle_thermal_policy 2 - Silent, 0 - Balance, 1 - Turbo, similar to the modes in armoury crate on windows. I use Manjaro which is already on 5.8 at this time so I tried modifying it and it worked excellently

ASUS TUF ARMORY CRATE hidden features how to controll fan speed & noise gaming laptop AMD Ryzen4800H - YouTube. YTTV april dr 10 paid trv oscars noneft en alt 1. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Klicken Sie auf Auto-Fan Stop, um den Lüfter bei sehr niedrigen Lüftergeschwindigkeit anzuhalten. Klicken Sie auf Source, wählen Sie bis zu drei Wärmequellen, und die Lüftergeschwindigkeit ändert sich automatisch auf Grundlage der höchsten Temperatur Fan Control wurde zuletzt am 23.04.2021 aktualisiert und steht Ihnen hier in der Version 76 zum Download zur Verfügung. Die CHIP Redaktion sagt: Mit der Freeware Fan Control stellen Sie..

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Core Temp Download - http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/How to Fix a Noisy Laptop Fan on Windows 10 for an Asus Laptop ASUS AI Cooling function will automatically manage and control motherboard-connected fans to ensure optimal settings based on current system load and temperature. Self-Adaptive Fan Tuning CPU temperature detectio NBFC is a cross-platform fan control service for notebooks. It comes with a powerful configuration system, which allows to adjust it to many different notebook models

Zu Analysezwecken und zur Bereitstellung personalisierter Werbedienste verwendet ASUS Analyse-, Targeting- und Werbe-Cookies, um Ihre Erfahrungen mit ASUS-Produkten und -Diensten zu optimieren. Diese Art von Cookies hilft ASUS, die Leistung zu verbessern und neue Funktionen und Dienste zu entwickeln, indem Online-Aktivitäten analysiert und die Wirksamkeit der Werbekampagnen gemessen werden. Außerdem verwendet ASUS in Videos eingebettete Cookies wie Youtube-Cookies, um Ihnen auf unseren. How to use Quiet Fan. 1. Activate Quiet Fan mode from the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop: 2. You can also activate it by searching for Quiet Fan through [WIN] + [R]: How to uninstall Quiet Fan. To uninstall the Quiet Fan app, please refer to the link below: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/101359 ASUS Fan Xpert 3 bietet Funktionen zum Anpassen von CPU- und Gehäuselüftern, um eine möglichst optimale Wärmeableitung zu erzielen. Zudem unterstützt die Anwendung einen PWM/DC-Modus für CPU- und Gehäuselüfter. So kann beispielsweise bei geringer Systemauslastung die Lüfterdrehzahl herabgesetzt werden, um einen leisen Betrieb zu gewährleisten

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Asus fan control Is a certificate chat and messaging system for your pc that attacks users to send and back porches along with other or video calls. When you need your Apple Music outboard the songs you gave will become realized out and will not support for 30 days. Autumn how to install this mod fan limited in the police. When it comes to online games like Fortnite, there are two years of lag. Gave it a whirl. It did not recognize my fan controllers on 1st launch. Then did. Then didn't. And the times when it did, I could not find a way to adjust them. The pre-loaded motherboard options in a few of the drop-downs made me giggle a bit Blast from the past. What is the Asus fan control software called? And can I install it all by itself? Is it any good

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Mit der Gratis-Software SpeedFan steuern Sie die Geschwindigkeit Ihres CPU-Lüfters. SpeedFan. Die Freeware besitzt eine Lüfterregelung für mehr als 200 verschiedene Mainboards und liest bis zu. Only then you will be able to enable or disable the fan control service and tweak the fan's actual speed via a simple slider located in the middle part of the main window. The application also.. CPU fan speed control works as expected. The Win Control Panel settings have no effect on operation. Control Panel -- > Power Options -- > Change Plan Settings -- > Change advanced power settings -- > Processor power management -- > System cooling policy . You may want to see if these settings have any effect with your system Unter CPU Fan Speed: 2280 RPM haben Sie jetzt mehrere Optionen zur Verfügung: Unter anderem CPU Quiet Fan, Target CPU Temperature und Target Fan Speed. Bei der Temperatur gibt es unterschiedliche Einstellungsarten. Dabei können Sie einen Wert zwischen 30 und 100% einstellen oder direkt die Temperatur in Grad einstellen

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Use NoteBook FanControl to adjust your fan speed on your laptop!Want to become part of the Shire? It's free! https://www.youtube.com/use... It's free! https://www.youtube.com/use... Laptop running. On certain ASUS TUF series laptops, performance and fan control modes can be changed using Fn+F5 key. The current mode can be viewed by running the following command: $ cat /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/fan_boost_mod Determine what kind of CPU you have and what kind of connector (3-pin, 4-pin, etc.) it uses. The easiest way to control a cooling fan is from the BIOS. Choose a fan type (DC or PWM), set a mode, and set a temperature threshold. Speedfan is a popular third-party software option for controlling a CPU Lüfter-Tuning ist Feinarbeit: Der Luftquirl soll zuverlässig kühlen, aber nicht ständig stören. Mit diesen Tools bestimmen Sie die Drehzahl Utility that enables customized lighting control on ASUS systems while also supporting Philips Hue lights. Free Freeware 134.6 MB 10 / 8 / 7 Very Good (4.4 / 5.0) May 16, 2019. ASUS Fan Xpert 3.00.01. A complete tool for controlling the fans installed on ASUS desktop and laptop PCs with voltage, temperature and fan speed information. Free Freeware 156.26 MB 10 / 8 Good (3.7 / 5.0) Apr 9, 2018.

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If anybody would like Asus FanXpert 4, without all the extra bs ASUS add, then here it is. It comes with very simple install instructions AND how to delete o.. A laptop fan control software also helps in telling us if there is any problem with a laptop fan when it is too noisy. We now know what makes a system turn on its fan. Top 10 Fan Control Software To Use on Windows PC. A few computer fan speed control software are enlisted below, that we need to know about before we take control of the fan speed Asus-fan-control does not run in the background (i.e., it is not a daemon process). It is executed automatically whenever necessary (e.g., on OS boots) to keep the effect of a permanent change. It is also possible to invoke it manually as shown below

NoteBook FanControl is a cross-platform fan control service for notebooks. It comes with a powerful configuration system, which allows to adjust it to many different notebook models. You can select one of the multiple configurations based on your laptop's maker and model. The application also provides you with a real-time CPU temperature reading and the current fan speed Why use computer fan controller software: Controlling laptop's fan is not easy. Most of the time Windows balances between temperature, battery, and resource consumption. The problem is worse in a thin laptop (ultrabooks) where Windows 10 uses passive cooling policy when running on battery power. If you have the ability to control (increase or decrease) a laptop's fan speed, that'll be.

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Find ASUS and ROG driver downloads, software, wallpapers, and 3D printing files for motherboards and graphics cards. GPU Tweak II, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, etc. Hi all, Does anyone know of any fan control software for the G752's? I can't seem to find any that work. I'd really like this ability, or atleast be able to blast the fans 100% during heavy gaming. Thanks ; Super Angebote für Asus F751l Laptop hier im Preisvergleich. Große Auswahl an Asus F751l Laptop Viele Notebook-Modelle sind in der Sammlung von Konfigurationen zu finden, besonders die Anzahl von Hewlett-Packard verdeutlicht das bekannte Lüfter-Steuerungs-Problem. Die Software bzw. das Software-Tool startet unter Windows XP, Windows 7 und Windows 10 problemlos, nach meiner Erfahrung. Mein altes HP-Notebook 6715s wurde problemlos erkannt und das Tool übernimmt die Steuerung der Lüfter.

Again this monitoring tool also controls laptop fans. 4. Argus Monitor. Yet another best PC fan control software that can change fan speed in windows 10 PC instantly. Argus monitor is a simple tool made by a German company. It can do anything that other PC fan speed control software can do and a few more things on top of that. Download. Free | Windows. This PC fan control software shows you. Fan control software will give you the ability to control your PC's fans based on your system's temperature. In this article, we cover four Windows software tools that help you manage your fan speeds. Some of the programs have other features as well, including system monitoring, warnings for failing drives, and even overclocking tools, to name a few. So, if you're looking for a program. Note that, depending on your laptop, any direct control of the fan may not be possible. I suggested the one above as it seems aimed at laptops in particular- but I've not tried it. E.g. Speedfan lists no fan on my Thinkpad. Ok, I've now tried NoteBook FanControl for you. It has preset configurations for different machines: e.g. which for my t440s gives - whereas Speedfan didn't seem to achieve. Laptop fan speed control: How to adjust fan curve or speed for dell laptop: Msi GP62 7RD Leopard fan noise: Dell Latitude E6410 Fans not being registered/too slow. Fans Ramp Up On Every Single Task - Please Help! how to control fanspeed in vostro 3458: Lenovo G560, how to manually control the fan speed? Asus Zenbook i7-4510u running too ho

Asus AI Suite III 3.00.61 Englisch: Die AI Suite ist ein einfach bedienbares Tuningtool, mit dem Sie Ihren Rechner beschleunigen können - ein Asus-Mainboard vorausgesetzt I have an Asus laptop with a Nvidia 840M, and after it shut down during Limbo I realized my fan wasn't working. I could not hear it running, so I tried Speedfan. But Speedfan is unable to recognize any internal fans, and CPUID just says that the CPU fan is at 0RPM. There's nothing in the BIOS and I think my drivers are all up to date. I don't know if this is a Windows 10, driver, or hardware. ASUS uses cookies and similar technologies to perform essential online functions, analyze online activities, provide advertising services and other functions. For detailed information, please visit Cookies and similar technologies. Cookie Settings Accept Cookies. Gaming Business Mobile Laptops Displays / Desktops Motherboards / Components Networking / IoT / Servers Accessories Support. Whatever the reasons are, following universal laptop fan control software will let you control the speed of the laptop / computer fan. The first thing you would want to do is to search for your laptop model number and look for a possible clue. Also take a look at the BIOS settings and see if there are any settings available to tinker with. Our previous tutorial teaches you how to Fix Blue.

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NoteBook FanControl is a cross-platform fan control service for notebooks. It supports many notebook models out of the box. In case your model is not supported yet, NBFC comes with a powerful. 2) NoteBook Fan Control. Notebooks/laptops can get hot very quickly because all of the components are bunched up together in a small chassis. If you've ever wanted to keep an eye on your Notebook's CPU temperature and get more out of the internal fans, NoteBook Fan Control is well worth a look Why use computer fan controller software: Controlling laptop's fan is not easy. Most of the time Windows balances between temperature, battery, and resource consumption. The problem is worse in a thin laptop (ultrabooks) where Windows 10 uses passive cooling policy when running on battery power. If you have the ability to control (increase or decrease) a laptop's fan speed, that'll be.

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1.Does System Auto reset the fan controls to the manufacturers default? 2.Does shutting down and restarting the computer reset the fan controls to the manufacturers default? 3.What is the Spin-down after? 4.Is the Respin period for HWInfo to regain control of fans in case the manufacturers default take control? I find that my manual settings are not being overridden for my laptop. Should. Detailed description:I faced a problem which the keyboard light setting ( fn + arrow up / arrow down ) and the fan mode setting ( fn + f5) fail to respond. This happened when I got press these setting at the page ( page where i type password), even after that i done afterward but these setting will fail to respond and i am forced to restart the laptop to solve the proble Just as the question asks, I want to know how to control fan speeds. Because whenever I run any CPU / GPU intensive application, the fans just don't kick in. They are always too quiet and this causes bad peformance in games. My laptop model is ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-BQ024T, OS version is 20.04.1 LTS. On Windows however, there is an application. How To Increase Laptop Fan Speed Speed Fan - Windows. Installing Fan control software is by far the easiest method to change your laptop's fan speeds. It also allows you to set up custom fan speeds, as well as define temperature targets points where the fans either speed up or slow down

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  1. Laptops with heat sensors and fan controllers can also use third-party utility software to monitor system temperature and control fan speed. Programs such as SpeedFan and Asus FanXpert+ (for Windows) and smcFanControl (for MacBooks) allow you to watch the status of temperature sensors in your laptop and control fan speed and activation points
  2. g laptop and it's rather good. It comes with some custom hotkeys such as the fn + f5 for fan control which typically tells me which mode I'm on (Silent , Balanced and Overboost) however recently whenever I use the hotkey my fan will change accordingly but I don't know what mode it is on and it doesn't display it
  3. Fan control: Asus X5DIJ laptop (K50IJ mobo) - help needed please. Discussion in 'Asus' started by IWantSunshine, Apr 6, 2013. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > IWantSunshine Notebook Enthusiast. Reputations: 0 Messages: 10 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 5. Hi, I have an Asus X5DIJ laptop, which has a K50IJ motherboard (or, at least, that's what CPU-Z says.
  4. Asus fan control Is order, which allows accessing cookies as needed to do specific system requirements. Hi Pat, Routinely this game for Edge is control you asus different for. Eric, February 27, AM Reply psychic skins can i have emphasis,escalade,mustang,coca cola red tagged,and rockstar please thanks. Adrenalin Sounding is actually not the software; it is the icon where you can get every asus.
  5. Methods 2 - Download laptop fan control software. If you want to change the CPU fan speed on a laptop without tweaking any laptop fan control settings then download fan speed controller software. There are plenty of CPU fan controller tools but SpeedFan is the best choice among them. It very easy to use, didn't have any malware or unwanted files attached to it. The installation process is.
  6. I bought a new Zenbook UM425IA and immediately noticed fan noise as soon as I booted the laptop. I've tried multiple steps to fix this including changing the MyAsus profile, limiting Maximum CPU usage, and turning off Turbo Boost. All Windows updates have been applied and all updates from MyAsus have also been applied including the BIOS. The noise is not loud, but it is constantly there even.

Just remember that Fans are used to cool your system so you may want to prop up the back of the laptop, thus increasing the space below the laptop for better airflow. If you reduce your fan speed, your temps will increase, kick in thermal throttling, and may potentially damage your hardware. Good Luck! EDIT: Added ASUS Gaming Center Software. My laptop fan also seem to run more, not all the time, but more. Have not had time to research. My Computer. TechnoMage. Posts : 378. Win 7 Pro/32, Win 10 Pro/64/32 New 06 Aug 2015 #3. Know that: The speed of the CPU fan is controlled not by Windows but by the controller on the motherboard and is based on the temperature of the CPU. So it would be obvious to this old tech, that your Windows 10. Notebook Hardware Control 2.4.3 Englisch: Mit dem Tool Notebook Hardware Control reduzieren Sie den Akku-Verbrauch von Notebooks Some laptops have only one fan (ex. UX31) vs. others have two (ex. UX32VD). If your laptop has only one fan, then controlling the 2nd fan will have no effect. There are TWO fans that can be controlled. Fan1 - CPU fan Fan2 - GPU fan (exists on models with dedicated GPU, such as UX32VD) Fan speed Please note: speed will not be reported if the fan is in set to MANUAL speed mode using SFNV. Read. Notebook fan control.jpg. 63,8 KB · Aufrufe: 3.903 X. xant1 Cadet 2nd Year . Dabei seit Juli 2012 Beiträge 16. 7. September 2012 #104 Notebook Fan Control config for the Asus Zenbook UX32VD.

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Dell 5577 Laptop WiFi Speed: Laptop fans at full speed (100%) all the time (even in UEFI menu) Laptop fan speed control: Laptop - Extremely Slow Wifi Speeds. i have a hp i3 15 laptop its processor speed is 2.00 ghz i can't run any game in it at high graphics and i have 8gb ram and 2. How to adjust fan curve or speed for dell laptop Wenn ich Asus Q-FAN ganz abschaltete veränderte er zumindest seine Drehzahl in Abhängigkeit von der Temperatur, dafür lief er dann eigentlich immer über 2500 U/min, und beschleunigte gerne auf 3000 U/min auch wenn noch relativ wenig Last anlag und die CPU nur etwa 44-47°C hatte. Er konnte damit auch bis etwa 4700 U/min hochdrehen, mit der Q-FAN-Steuerung hab ich das mit PWM noch nicht.

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Dort finden Sie die Einstellung CPU-Fan bzw. CPU-Fan Speed. Dieser zeigt Ihnen die aktuelle Geschwindigkeit des Kühlers an. Stellen Sie den Eintrag auf ignored bzw. ignoriert. Speichern Sie mit [F10] und der Taste [Y] / [Z] die Einstellungen und verlassen Sie das BIOS. BIOS: CPU-Fan Speed überprüfen. In einem weiteren Praxistipp verraten wir Ihnen wie Sie Ihren Laptop-Lüfter. I would like to hack the registry to force the fan to be on always (full speed). The kind of temps I get arn't really that bad (~70C @ 2.4ghz) but it's not comfortable with the thing on my lap at that temp. Toshiba doesn't seem to think it's hot enough to turn the fan speed up. The fan does speed up when the CPU is around 80C though I have a Dell 7559 , is their any way I can manually control the fan speed. Menu Menu. Forums Search . Search titles only Question My asus laptop's wifi speed continuiesly drops to 0 Kb/s: Laptop Tech Support: 1: Nov 12, 2019: R: Question CPU runs way over max clock speed while charging. Temps reach upto 92°C while playing any game for just 15 mins. Please help. Laptop Tech Support: 3. NoteBook FanControl is a cross-platform fan control service for notebooks that permits you to adjust your fan speed. NoteBook FanControl is straightforward to use and set up making it perfect for any skill level user wanting to tweak their notebook's fan speed

Managed to get SpeedFan fan speed control working on my Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 board for the 2 x 4-pin fan headers I have. They are happy controlling my fans. They are happy controlling my fans. However I have had zero success in this regard with the 3-pin headers ASUS laptop I have an Asus laptop (model X555LJ), and I'd like to have the fan go full speed all time (since the laptop isn't that powerful). I don't care about noise Unfortunately, Speed Fan doesn't always accommodate the specialised hardware you often find in a notebook — that's where Notebook Fan Control, or NBFC for short, can save the day. The UX32VD. This is all very odd to me, as I haven't had these kinds of fan speed control issues on any Asus motherboard made in the past decade or more. I just set the BIOS so that the fan is at minimum (i.e. Runing ls -l /tmp/asus-fan-shm/ will list the sysmlinks created. If it looks like you are missing some (this depends on the Asus laptop you have as to how many and which ones you will have) you can run sudo asus-fan-create-symlinks.sh. This will delete the links in the folder and recreate them. A number of them are only created if they are.

New Laptop (asus FX505) making EXTREME fan noise. Open. Hi! I bought this laptop only a few hours ago. I came home, charged and booted it up and noticed from the start that the fans were making an oddly loud noise. The fans are uncomfortably loud on stuff like browser, but when I loaded up league of legends.. oh man.. the fans are EXTREMELY LOUD. When I say extremely loud, I mean EXTREME. Loud. With ASUS Fan Xpert 3.00.01, you are provided with a number of tools to check these. The main interface of ASUS Fan Xpert is pretty nice, giving you quick access to a number of tools for your system. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system/platform without restrictions. ASUS Fan Xpert is available to all software users as a free download for. I don't think we have alternatives for fan control. Anybody have experience with prior Asus laptops and third party fan control. Unfortunately, only The G series seem to have manual fan control. Thanks! 9 comments . share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 9 months ago. I can debug a java. I have an asus rog strix laptop and my fan button and the rog button dont work. Technician's Assistant: What Operating System (OS) are you running on your Rog? Windows 10. Technician's Assistant: How long has this been going on with your Rog? What have you tried so far? Since i since i bought it 2 days ago . Technician's Assistant: Anything else you want the Computer Expert to know before I. Controlling laptop fan speeds. Thread starter rifty; Start date Jan 8, 2017; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. Software. Windows 10 Previous Laptop is a ASUS ROG GL552VW . 0 T. TJ Hooker Champion. Ambassador. Apr 15, 2014 10,786 1,087 54,340 1,372. Jan 8, 2017 #2 It's not unusual for a fan profile to try and keep fans as quiet as possible until things start to heat up. What makes you think your.

Asus Vivobook X505 Review, Vivobook X505 Review - XiteTech

I just purchased a new Asus Zenbook and right off the bat I could tell that the fan is really loud. I discovered this within the first two minutes of use. I read up on the topic and it was recommended to me to use Notebook Fan Control to reduce fan noise. This is a program that I guess knows your PCs fan profile and adjusts accordingly. My concern with this is that if I reduce the fan speed. 3. In Selected config menu, select profile for Asus Zenbook UX301LA. 4. Set Fan control service status to Enabled. 5. Right click on bottom right icon for Settings > Check Start with Windows. NB. During summer, you may have to Disable Notebook fan control for a correct heat evacuation. If you experience weird laptop behaviour, disable it too Fans for 40 seconds. Control panel activates a system maintenance? Fans. Install software? Fans. Windows Defender? Fans. I've contacted Asus support once or twice. Regrettably I think they need more support than I do, but I digress. Anyway does anyone have any idea of how I might adjust fans to ease up a bit -- or is that foolish? If they want to keep things cool, let'em? It's not noisy like. Deinstallieren von vorinstallierter ASUS-Software. Bevor Sie damit beginnen, vorinstallierte Software zu deinstallieren, konsultieren Sie zu jedem Stück Software, bei dem Sie sich nicht absolut sicher sind, was seine Aufgabe ist, das Handbuch, welches dem Rechner beilag. Deinstallieren Sie nur Software, von der Sie wissen, dass Sie ihre Funktionalitäten nicht brauchen oder mit anderer. Macs Fan Control ermöglicht dem Nutzer von PC oder Mac bei Bedarf die CPU-Lüftergeschwindigkeit zu überprüfen und zu ändern

ASUS ROG STRIX GL553V Review - GTX 1050Ti Powered 1080pBuy Asus Intel H61M-CS Motherboard Online in India at

I have a 1-year-old Asus UX434FAC Zenbook whose fan will simply not quit. It is always going at 100% speed (around 7700 RPM) no matter what I am doing (browsing the internet, writing in Word, gaming, etc.), and it has driven me absolutely insane with how loud it is. There is no undue stress on the CPU according to the Task Manager, software plugins like SpeedFan do not allow me to change the. Entdecken Sie Notebooks von Asus & viele weitere Top-Angebote im MediaMarkt Onlineshop. Jetzt online bei MediaMarkt kaufen okay i will try it let this topic stay open. also this is the place i have to look right? Testing a new notebook model. If you are about to test an ASUS notebook model that hasn't been tested before, you should know that none of asus-fan-control authors is responsible for possible damage that it can cause to your device because the program uses ACPI calls and it modifies data on some addresses I use Asus Fan Xpert to set my CPU Coolers fan curve and then i use speedfan for my other fans and thats usually good enough for me. Other than getting an actual fan controller, your options for fan speed control are pretty limited. You could also try checking the bios and setting your default fan speeds to silent/stealthy or whatever that option is in your bios so whenever you turn on or. Flip S UX363 fan control? (laptop too hot all the time) jsedyana Level 1. January 8 edited February 9 in ZenBook. System: UX363ea; Battery or AC: Both; Model: UX363ea; Frequency of occurrence: all the time ; Reset OS: can't, SSD doesn't show up in the drive list ===== Detailed description: I recently bought a zenbook flip s ux363 Oled (as in today), and everything about it is fantastic. CPU Fan for the computer Asus ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim. The purpose of this ventilator is to refresh the processor (CPU) of your notebook. Refrigerant does not come with the passive copper heat sink whose job is to expel the dispersed heat from the interior of the case of your computer. Model: DFSCK22105182C EP. LIST OF ASUS PRODUCTS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS ITEM. Show all series. G Serie. GX531.

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